SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Much of the world’s economy is based around producing things for consumption. This drives the engine of industry. If we want the world to develop sustainably, we need to understand how to be more responsible at both ends of this cycle. This means promoting resource and energy efficiency, having a sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services for all. The Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia is working towards an efficient use of resources and the minimization of waste. The Dental Teaching Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia, as a well known oral health care services provider ensures to have a policy on waste disposal, which covers hazardous materials, including waste from oral radiology department and also biological waste from the hospital. The faculty as mandated by the University and also government, have policies around use minimization of plastic, and disposable items, except those which are used for treatment such as hand gloves, mask and others for infection control purposes.